Art from the Creative Source

Empowerment for Healing workshops provides a holistic, comforting environment to clients who are looking for alternatives to cognitive behavior approaches for their life situations. Individuals, adolescents, groups, and families seek out solutions to problems both short and long term

Our Empowerment Group includes Expressive Arts Therapists & Practitioners, Marriage and Family Therapists & Interns, School Psychologists, Poets and Writers. 

We offer retreats, workshops and classes to supplement and enhance work done throughout the year in all aspects of your journey.

Empowerment for Healing: A workshop series
  • Discover your unique creative vision and surprise yourself with your creative truth through spontaneous art.
  • Open up your intuition and learn to understand the signs and symbols and what they reveal to you.
  • Let go of who you think you should be and learn to fall deeply in love with who you really are.
  • Join the fun and experience the outgrowth of the common universe of humanity, creatively by expressing yourself freely.

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